Friday, 22 February 2013

baby update: week 16

How Far Along: today I'm 16w 6 days

Size of Baby: Baby is approximately 11.5 cm long and is about 100g. H/she is about the size of an avocado :)

Picture of Baby: I soooooo wish we had more pictures! I'm hoping at the next scan we'll get some really good ones! we also need to look into having a 4d scan...

Maternity Clothes: I need some new clothes! Normal pants are beyond my waistline,unless they have an elastic waistband. I saw some cute none preggo stuff that could work (in a bigger size than I normally wear) but haven't yet bit the bullet to go get something.

Belly: When people start commenting on how big you are in relation to how far along you are you begin to see how much you've actually grown. I went to a pregnancy education event last Saturday and there was a girl about a week behind me who wasn't showing at all !! the human body is a strange and wonderful thing

Apologies again for the blurry cell phone shot

Sleep: oh man have I been sleeping!! can't keep myself awake past 9:30 pm unless i have an afternoon nap!

Best Moment of the Week:  Pregnancy education day that i mentioned above... it was great to get some information but it made this whole experience very real. Also having my parents here has been wonderful :) my Mom's gone into Granny mode and our little ones been very spoiled :)

Movement: nope/nothing/nada... move baby move ;)

Symptoms: sore back , growing tummy, is paranoia a symptom?

Food Cravings: cheese curls!
What I Miss: ummm, I would say range of movement without pain... I know this will get worse before it gets better but I still forget I have to make allowances for my changing shape and sometimes will try do something to quickly and it will hurt

What I'm Looking Forward to: hopefully reaching a point where we can start moving things into the house! I can't wait to see everything start coming together!

Milestones: passed the 4 month mark!!



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