Monday, 28 January 2013

you know you haven't blogged in a while when...

1. You have 3 weeks worth of photo's on your camera of events that need to be blogged about.
2. Your father comments that it's been a while since you posted house updates
3. You have nothing new to link up in a linky party you try join every week
Apologies apologies!! Although I'm hoping you'll cut me some slack since i gave a pretty good reason (well in my opinion) for why I haven't been around much in my last post .Thank you so much for all the messages and love we've received about our news :) we're over the moon and continue to pray all will go well :)
with that being said here are some (late again) house pictures
Ceilings are in the bedrooms/bathrooms/kitchen. The electrics have (mostly) been run . we're just waiting for our electric metre approval to finish that off. The foundation for the patio has been built and we'll hopefully have a slab in the next couple days. The whole house ,inside and out, has got an undercoat of paint.
Theres also stuff going on that we can't see but that's very important! Our water's been connected and all the little holes that birds (or worse bats) might be tempted to make homes in have been filled and the roofs been waterproofed!
Its still a very long a tedious process and it looks like it will never get done, I'm praying very VERY hard it starts to move a little faster as our February 15 deadline creeps   gallops ever closer. Plus I had a nightmare that this baby would come before the house! EEEK!!!!

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