Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hey baby :)

Well the cats officially out of the bag (facebook official makes it official right ?) . We are expecting our rainbow baby in August (3 August is the official date :) ).
We hesitated telling people until we felt it was very safe but after going for a twelve week scan yesterday and with baby 'Sprinkle' measuring right on target at 12w 2 days , we decided it was safe to start shouting from the roof tops (or through the Internet as the case may be).
I made the photo below my cover picture and waited for people to put two and two together (pun intended ;) )
almost immediately the comments started pouring in :)
we are very excited (as are the Grandparents ).
Here's our little ones first beauty shot ;)
he/she can also be blamed for the lack of posting around here. this first trimester has kicked my butt!! I've been exhausted and sick but thankfully things are starting to look up:)
Please keep us in your prayers
the 3 of us :)

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