Thursday, 1 September 2011

lesson from driving to work...

Every morning as I drive to work, I'm struck by the disregard of people for the most basic driving 'rules'(for lack of a better word). The selfishness of drivers here never ceases to amaze me! People take chances and turn in front of you, they'll brake without warning and turning signals seem to be an unneeded accessory here!

Road signs also appear to mean nothing as long as it gets you in front of some-one. It Drive's me MAD when you're sitting and waiting your turn and someone drives past the traffic as if they are turning and pushes in at the front.... road signs actually serve a purpose contrary to popular belief.

A red traffic light also seems to be an invitation for danger. I always thought SA was bad but let me tell you I have never seen people take chances through red lights the way I have here! 

and my pet peeve of all time has to be people who don't put there children into Car seats! Every time I see kids climbing all over the car I want to shake the people and ask them what they think they're doing! With the unpredictability of how People in WHK drive I don't know how you can afford not to have a car seat or at least use the seat belt in the car! If you're in an accident then that little one is going to become a missile through the windshield ...
I know I'm not the perfect driver and I'm sure I've frustrated some-one at some time or another but seriously people, lets not try and kill each other on the way home today ... please :)

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