Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cry the beloved country

So apparently I cried in my sleep last night ( so my husband who I cried awake tells me ). For the life of me I can't remember what I was dreaming about, it must have been pretty sad though cos I'm usually not too much a cry-er.

Cute crying baby picture aside I've been wondering why the Heck i would cry in my sleep. I think it has something to the suspense of going back to SA for a visit next week and all the emotional stuff we've been dealing with since Willie's gran suddenly passed away (can't believe its been-almost -two weeks already).
All in all its been quite year!! so many changes and adjustments. In 9 short months I have gotten married, moved to a new country, moved in and out of 3(maybe even 4) houses, started a new job , found a new church, bought a house,got two new parents, 2 brothers, a sister and a niece(in law) + another niece by association (who I'm looking forward to meeting !!)and had a family member pass away.Its enough to make anyone cry a bit in my opinion !

I think I've handled most of it pretty well ( my temper tantrum when no-one wanted to do anything on a Friday night which ended up with me crying and insisting that I did have friends who wanted to be with me they were just in another country aside - Sorry babe) . But I think the past few weeks and the excitement of going back 'home' to see my friends and family is catching up with me. Yes I'm excited (and for those who didn't know we were coming - SURPRISE :) ) and looking forward to catching up with everyone's news:)

So for the next few days I cannot be held responsible for my emotions and I apologize in advance to anyone who gets to experience them in their full glory . We leave for SA in 3 sleeps (assuming the Namibian Government returns my Passport with my re-entry Visa in time- which they will if they know whats good for them :) ) see you soon !! can anyone say

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