Friday, 5 July 2013

Baby Update: 35 weeks

On time this week :) go me !

How Far Along: 35w 6 day

Size of Baby: Baby should weigh about 2.5 kg and be about 45cm long
Although I'm still convinced she is bigger than this...

Picture of Baby:

Baby Sprinkle is comparable in size to a crenshaw melon (whatever that is???)

the Melon comparisons still seem  very appropriate  :)


34 weeks                        vs                     35 weeks
is it just me or does that baby look like she's lower down?
Sleep:is actually becoming quite the painfull experiance. I'm starting to get symptoms of some pregnancy induced Carpel tunnel so my hands are constantly going numb or tingling with pins and needles plus they hurt when I bend my fingers (especially when I first get up). Getting comfortable is all but a distant memeory and I get up at least twice during the night to use the bathroom
Best Moment of the Week: its actually been a pretty good week all things considered :) Met some interesting people
Movement: fluctuates... some days it feels like a prty in there and other days its a lot less busy... I can feel movement quite low down too which is a new experiance
Symptoms: at 8 months pregnant I don't there is is a Symptom I don't have :)
Food Cravings: nothing  much...
What I Miss: comfort
What I'm Looking Forward to: this baby coming!! 29 days to Due date and realistically it could be any time now ( I dreamt I was in labour last night, obviously it was just a dream as I am clearly still pregnant but it was a reminder how close we actually are)

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