Monday, 1 July 2013

Baby Update: 34 weeks

These posts seem to be happening later and later every week. Apologies! I'm slowing down considerably and have had a fairly full weekend

How Far Along: 35w 2 day

Size of Baby: Baby should weigh about 2.3 kg and be about 43cm long
Although I'm still convinced she is bigger than this...

Picture of Baby:

Baby Sprinkle is comparable in size to a canteloupe

the Melon comparisons seem appropriate  at this stage :)


Sorry for the bad cellphone shot!! and yes those are my pj's

Sleep:meh, if it happens it happens :)
Best Moment of the Week: getting the nursery bookshelf painted! Thanks for your help Annelise! (pics to follow :) )
Movement: Slowing down now... its nerve-wracking cos I'm paranoid but apparently a good sign. She's head down but still not quite ready to make an appearence.

Symptoms: I'm HUGE and pretty much still in pain, Just aches all over the place :) I'll take it though , the end is in sight!
Food Cravings: this weekend ,Cake ...

What I Miss: my feet :)
What I'm Looking Forward to: Finishing the painting of furniture and being able to finally see it all come together :)

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