Monday, 19 November 2012

100 posts

I've been mentally rewriting this post in my head for the last week and I really hesitated publishing it ,which is completely ridiculous! It's my 100th post on my little space of the Internet and somehow it felt like it should be profound and amazing and yet all I have are update on how life is going... thats profound and amazing right ;) Anyway! I've enjoyed this little blog so much over the year and a bit I've been able to be here and learned SO much about the background of a website (still not an expert but I try). It's a creative outlet and a way to keep family and friends up to date with what we were up to and I love that. I've also met so many new virtual 'friends' and I'm glad you joined in for the ride:) Here's hoping there's lots more blogging fun and projects to be had!!
So moving away from the sappiness here's some updates:)
I wrapped all our Christmas presents over the weekend (we went shopping last week as it was W's weekend off and we wanted to try and get a head start on Christmas as we're both working right through this year)
I'm feeling super proud to be so organised (believe me it doesn't happen often) and it almost makes up for the fact that I couldn't find the gift's I'd been stocking up on through the year which are in a box .... somewhere.... all the gifts are now sitting pretty under the Christmas tree which we put up yesterday (and I forgot to take a picture of )
Secondly I've been on the look out for thing's for the new house to dress it up a bit. I found these amazing paper place mats from Ishish designs at our local arts and crafts shop, Jenny's place. unfortunately it looks like IshIsh only sells to retailers so you won't be able to get their stuff off their website but the designs are great! (the also had some beautiful Christmas ones!!)
I'm planning on framing them for the HUGE wall in our dining-room/lounge
Lastly remember a while back when I got the broken mirror's I said I wanted to try my hand at some mosaic? I finally got my act together and bought the supplies I needed :)
I still haven't done the grout(and to honest I have no idea how to do that!) but it was a quick and easy project which looks like a million bucks!
Here's a sneak peak:)
So that's pretty much what's going on!
 The house is looking amazing but I forgot to take photo's (bad blogger!). They've put the roof trusses up on the sides (IE over the bedrooms/kitchen/garage) and are still waiting for the ones for the *HUGE* living/dining section. Its looking amazing but we really didn't realise it would be so tall ! today they hoping to get the roof sheets on (hold thumbs !) and hopeful start finishing up the boundary wall between us and the neighbour.


  1. Stopping by and following you from Blog Hop Social. Congrats on your 100!

  2. Happy 100th! :) I like your craft idea on the broken mirror, I just hope you don't get cuts doing it. :D I also had a similar idea (with the suggestion of my brother), but instead of using mirror, we're using the back side of old DVDs.

    Also dropping by from the BlogHopSocial!

    Nowhere Near Perfect

    1. Thanks Simonette!
      The mirror wasn't actually too bad to work with! I used tile nippers which cut down on the potetial for injury :) that sounds like a great idea :) I had earings made out of a broken CD too once that were very cool!
      Will definatily take a look at your Blog. Hope you decide to follow along

  3. I empathise with the not taking photos - I forget sometimes too and then kick myself. Or the only time I have to take them is at night time and then they look kind of rubbish because they aren't in natural light. Bummer.

    Love the organisation though - good for you!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

    1. Thanks Sarah! its frustrating isn't it!
      Emma :)

  4. Congrats!! Happy 100th post!! Thanks for joining the party at Keep Calm and Link Up last week! See you again on Thursday night!
    Barbara at Chase the Star


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