Friday, 17 August 2012

deal of the year!!

I've never been afraid to admit I'm cheap frugal ;) I love a good deal and have scored some great deals over the years by shopping in place's where other might not or finding a deal in a sale rack like I mentioned in this post. But what I'm about to show you might just be my score of the year (or even Score of my life!).

The Children's home where I work often gets donations. most of the stuff (that isn't broken beyond repair) gets distributed among the different houses in the village and when we can't use it here gets sent to the local schools and community... yesterday a whole stack of stuff came in including some broken mirrors and frames that had lost their glass... They were going to be thrown out so I asked if I could buy them and take them , I figured I could use the broken Mirror's for Mosaic and the frame had a decent mat that could also be reused...

After Picking them up and realising they were pretty solid I turned them around and saw they still had prices on:

I know the picture isn't very clear but they were from boardmans  and were marked at N$ 699.99 (for my American friends that's about USD 85) which is more than I would have ever spent on them. When I went to pay for them ,they only charged me N$10 for all three frames (about USD 1.5) ... that works out at something silly like 3.33 for each frame!

the best part was today another batch came and there where two more mirrored frame mirrors which I can also buy :)
that's N$ 2799.96 worth of frames for about N$ 15 , I can replace the broken mirror for a little bit of money and they'll be good as new PLUS i get a whole bunch of mosaic supplies as a bonus (and those little broken bits of tile can add up )

i can't wait to see how they turn out in our new home :) I'm thinking Either they'll become bathroom mirrors or I'm going to try something like this:


till next time :)

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