Thursday, 16 August 2012

the best laid plans!!

As I mentioned before we've been waiting on tender hooks to see if the plans for our new 'house' have been approved. In typical African fashion there were delays but I am happy to report that yesterday we got this

Along with that wonderful stamp all over our building plans we also got all the paperwork and permits needed to begin :)

I'm very excited (as if you couldn't tell ). To make it even better we got an offer on our house !! After almost three weeks with nothing we called in some agents to come in and help us and literally half an hour after they had left we got a call asking to come and look and they made us an offer on the spot... We're still kind of reeling with all the information especially after being told by our conveyancing attorney that the transfer could go through within 4-6 weeks!!!!

It feels like everything is happening very fast (especially after it took so long to get going )
you can read more about our journey here or see some of my inspiration for the new house Kitchen and Bathroom

here's hoping it all keeps going smoothly :) next up confirming a builder :)


mop it up mondays

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