Monday, 25 June 2012

house plans

Many people have asked about the status of our house plans. The plans have been completed and submitted to the municipality for approval so we are now in the waiting stage (but can call next week to hear if there are any problems). the preliminary date for getting approval is 8 weeks which puts us at the end of July/early august for an answer.

As this year is FLYING past and august will be here before we know it, I've been dreaming about how I want things to look and the beauty of the internet is that there are many ideas out there. I've been saving idea's to the computer (before I got Pinterest ) so unfortunately I don't know the sources to all these beautiful homes but if they belong to you please email me and I'll be happy to cite you as the source.

today's dreams : kitchens 

 I love the idea of building in the microwave! It saves having it sitting on the counter taking up valuable counter space and just looks more finished (in my opinion:) not hating on any microwaves on counters )

I LOVE these farmhouse sinks! I know they are super expensive but I still love them. (and on a side note: how awesome is that window!)

as you can see from the top few pictures white cabinets and wooden counters (along with the other elements I have already pointed out) are a recurring theme. I love the clean look of the white and the 'homey' feel of the wood. Unfortunately I have been told (by a couple of kitchen manufacturers here in Nam) because of the dry climate wood counters won't work cos they will absorb every little bit of liquid and warp very easily :(
but that doesn't stop me dreaming right?

 but I am willing to concede that even though my heart is loyal to the white cabinets , darker cabinets look awesome too!!

I have no idea what we'll end up getting (or be able to afford after researching all the options) but I'm leaning towards light and bright .
 I'll be back (eventually) with the final details


  1. I like what you did to the kitchen. I looks awesome and magnificent.
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