Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Big news:)

We're going to build a house :) 
I know we just moved into our own place (can you believe its been over a year there!!) but due to circumstance surrounding living in a complex we've decided to build our own place :) its been super exciting but also completely daunting trying to figure out the process but I received the final plans today so we need to get a couple of stamps and signatures from the neighbours and they'll be ready to submit ( eeek!!!)

We will be building by dividing up my in-laws HUGE property and building what we affectionately refer to as "the flat" in the back yard.  our very talented draughtsman did some 3d renderings of what the house will look like so I thought I'd share so you can see :)

It'll be a two bed house with and open plan lounge dining area :) we love it!

this is the front of the house (no the car isn't included ;) )
Side view 

The back . Unfortunately the roof over the Patio pushed us over the size limit were were allowed to build on the space so that's been nixed from the plan but the Braai will be staying :)

We also took the fireplace out. we felt that it would take up too much space in the small area and double sided Fireplaces are Uber expensive and we felt that for the two or three days its gets cold here it was an unneccesary expense

I love the vaulted ceiling :) :)

Isn't technology amazing! these pictures almost look like photographs!! 

So here's hoping everything goes smoothly along the way :) we'll keep you updated on the drama as we go ...


  1. Wow, cool house! I built a new home two years ago, so I know how exciting this is! Good luck in the construction process!


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