Monday, 18 June 2012

Recovering the couch part 2

When I left you last week in our couch recovering adventure I was at the point of starting to cover pillows. I'm a very novice sewer who has some basic skills (i.e. I can thread a machine ,wind a bobbin and sew in a straight line). This was the biggest project I have ever done especially so far away from my Mom who is my usual trouble shooting person when I get crazy sewing ideas . (I'll admit to calling her a couple times throughout the process for advice!!)
when we left off the planning was looking a bit like this

I used the existing pillow cover as a rough guide to making a pattern . I cut around the existing case and then referenced back to it as to where the seams should be etc.. For the two bottom pillows I sewed two solid pieces together to make the covers reversible but for the top one I made an envelope back to allow the pillow to be removed in the future if I need too.
To do this I cut the back piece in half and hemmed them. As I don't have an overlocker I used a zig-zag stitch around the edges to prevent fraying( would recommend an overlocker/serger, this step took forever). I then hemmed it with a straight stitch.

I the laid the two pieces down and pinned on the connecting material.

i obviously then sewed this together :) I used the same method of zig-zag around the edges and a straight stitch after that to create a nice clean join.

I then joined the other side and turned the cover the right way round and put my pillows in.
My completed couch now looks like this 

yes I know the edges aren't all straight and I cut the covers a bit big in some of the areas but it really is a MASSIVE improvement :)
Before                                                                                         After

If you want more detailed instructions feels free to contact me directly.

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