Thursday, 8 December 2011

whats in a name: day 25

Day 25 - What's in your purse?

A purse is something that does not translate universally. I know that in America your Purse is your handbag but I call the thing I put my money in a purse. Seeing that this is my Blog then I guess its my interpretation right ? good...

My purse actually doesn't often hold money (shocker there). I don't really like carrying cask and prefer to use a debit card. Since moving to Nam I've had to readjust to using cash as they aren't quite as far advanced here as in SA (e.g. you can't use your Debit card to pay for fuel although most of the shops will take a card)

I keep all my cards (bank card's , council registration cards, movie rental place cards, store cards) in my purse.I also have my drivers licence and pics of my family and husband in there.

I keep some of my business cards (yeah I'm fancy, I have business cards) and receipts and obviously what (little) cash I have on me in there too

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