Thursday, 6 June 2013


So this post is as far from my usual content as can be... But seeing as the whole point of this blog is my random musings on life I guess that's OK right?
I'm wouldn't exactly call myself a fashion guru. I can match things and usually (in my opinion) don't look to bad but I don't have the knack to take something ordinary and make it look fantastic or to accessorise things well. I also am cheap . So buying 'grown-up' clothes is a challenge for me as everything seems SUPER expensive.
So when I started on Pinterest I started looking at some idea's for updating my wardrobe to try and find a style that works for me. While browsing my Good Looks Board I started noticing a trend.
Apparently I am more predictable than I thought ;) If only everything you pinned magically jumped into your cupboard!!;)

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