Monday, 24 June 2013

Baby update: Week 33

I started this post yesterday but due to network problems didn't get it posted

How Far Along: 34w 1 day 

Size of Baby: Baby Should weigh about 2.1 kg and be about 42cm long

Picture of Baby:

Depending on which site you look at baby Sprinkle is comparable to either a pineapple
or a honeydew melon


Sorry for the bad cellphone shot!!

Sleep:struggling with hip and back pain while sleeping which means I wake up pretty regularly to change positions. Also havong pins and needles in my hands quite often which is wierd
Best Moment of the Week: My Niece asking if she can please see where her cousin is inside my tummy... :) too cute

Movement: Slowing down now... but if I concentrate I can feel her wiggle

Symptoms: Constant Back pain... pretty much all body pain, I have so many aches and pains its pathetic :)
Food Cravings: Still just very Hungry...

What I Miss: Still ease of movement... even getting in and out of cars or off the couch is a mission
What I'm Looking Forward to: hopefully a productive week!! 40 days to go!! :)

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