Friday, 14 June 2013

Baby Update: Week 31-32

First off Apologies for no post last week. Honestly on Friday I had no energy to try and come up with a post so I left it thinking I'd catch up somewhere during the week and surprise surprise that didn't happen.

How Far Along: 32w 6 days , 50 days to go :) (eek!!!)
Size of Baby: Baby Should weigh about 1.9 kg and be about 40.5cm long
Seeing as she weighed 1.8kg two weeks ago I'm willing to bet she's already gone over 2kg's and believe me I'm feeling it!
Picture of Baby:

The internet cannot agree on a suitable comparison for this week :)


Sleep:Last night was the best sleep I've had in almost two weeks (the night before was very rough and I was not a happy camper yesterday)

Best Moment of the Week: the conversation of two little boys where I work regarding the Baby in my Belly (from Facebook):

"So three little boys at work today were trying to hug me and hold my hand  ...the one turns to the other one and says did u know she's got a baby in her tummy... His friend looked at him sceptically so he says its true even though she looks like she ate to much"

Movement: Slowing down now... but if I concentrate I can feel her wiggle

Symptoms: Constant Back pain... the re-appearance of 1st trimester nausea :(
Food Cravings: Still just very Hungry...
What I Miss: to sound like a stuck record, ease of movement... I'm really slowing down and I'm annoying myself ;)

What I'm Looking Forward to: the weekend!!!

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