Tuesday, 14 January 2014

4 & 5 Months old

Even though I haven't been Blogging I've been keeping up with our monthly photo, cos in reality those are less about the blog and more about documenting my child's every waking moment (My mom keeps reminding me what I do for the first child I have to do for the second so hopefully I can keep it up :) ).

I'm going to sound like a stuck record here but until you experience it I don't think you can fathom how quickly a child develops and changes. It  at times literally feels like she grows overnight (and I even read an article that said this is possible! YIKES!!) . Isla is no longer a floppy little baby. She is developing into a real little firecracker with a very definite view on the world! I.L.O.V.E.I.T.

4 Months old:

5 Months Old

Its getting harder to take the ones on the floor, strangely enough, as she keeps rolling over to eat the lamb :) the out takes to these shots are pretty funny :)

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  1. Always sooooo friendly... Can't believe Isla is growing up so quickly.


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