Wednesday, 2 October 2013

39 & 40 weeks pregnant

So I'm only about two months late with this post ... whoops!
I wanted to complete the series though so here are week 39 & 40 combined (cos you know after everyone telling me how huge I was and that the Baby was going to come early she was late!)

How Far Along: let pretend here shall we ;)

Size of Baby: Baby came out weighing 3.58 kg's  and
was 51 cm long

Picture of Baby:

By this stage Baby Sprinkle was about the size of a watermelon


Sleep: the last two weeks were pretty bad.. I couldn't shake the flu and spent the majority of the night blowing my nose

Movement: up and down ... but definately moving down!
Symptoms:  there isn't a Symptom I don't have :)

Food Cravings:still very thirsty all the time!

What I Miss:  movement

What I'm Looking Forward to: this little ones arrival!! We were MORE than Ready for her and my parents arriving:)

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