Thursday, 29 August 2013

Things we couldn't live without: Newborn Edition

I loved reading these posts before I had a little one but now having lived through 3.5 weeks of my own newborn  I feel some important things were left off of a lot a lists. So in the interests of preparing the multitude of people in my life expecting there own blessing here are some things we couldn't have done without ...

1) Nipple Cream: Get the good stuff ( i.e. Lanisonah) , this is not a place to try and save money ! trust me on this one.

2) Nursing tank tops: again, these don't come cheap but they are SO worth it especially when you don't want to be completely house bound while  breast feeding. They allow you to lift your shirt without exposing your post-baby-belly to the world .

3) Swaddle Blanket: We have a 'Baby Sense' one that rocks!

 Its amazing how they help to settle Isla down and stops her little baby 'flailing arms' reflex from waking her up. Receiving Blankets work well too!We have a shaped one too (with velcro) but trying to slide her into it is quite hard, the baby sense one is cut into a triangle shape which you just wrap which is much easier.

4) Baby Grows (Onsies) : we got some very cute outfits that we've enjoyed dressing our little blessing in but there's a reason these simple things have stood the test of time. They are the quickest and easiest thing to dress a baby in (especially if you haven't quite mastered how to slip a vest over a floppy new-born's head)

5) Boppy/Nursing Pillow

this not only helps for feeding (especially after a c-section) but it serves as a nice place to prop up the baby and also help them to feel a little more Snug if you can't spend every moment holding them:)

6) Help: Hubby took leave from work and My mom was here for the first 3 weeks of Isla's life and it was amazing. Today's actually the first day I've been completely home alone with her since she was born and I'm missing the company and extra set of hands to hold her so I can take a shower ;)

7) Newborn Pictures: do them !! they change so fast its absolutely precious to have a memory of when they are tiny


  1. One thing I found had been a huge blessing is our baby swing! If you can spare the cash, cos they are a tad pricey, it's really worth it!! My mom bought us a Graco Silhouette baby swing, and when I need my hands free to get stuff done or have a bath, I just pop Ricky in where he can see me and let him go. It pays music, nature sounds, etc, and he usually nods off for a nap :) That's my 11.30am, haha! We don't have help, so this is perfect!

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